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Alright, so the Dell that I got was just miserable. Windows wouldn't start correctly, the keyboard was showing wear after only three weeks, it wouldn't let me install Illustrator. Totally unacceptable, basically, so I am making use of Costco's 90 day return policy, and I am now going to try out an Acer Aspire V5 Touch, which is one of the new touchscreen ultrabooks with Windows 8. We shall see!

I love Washington, because I can now marry ladies or smoke weed. It's going to take until December 2013 to get dealers licensed and shops set up and taxation established, but once the full ballot is certified by the governor (they're guessing 6 December) it will be legal for anyone over the age of 21 to purchase/own/use up to one ounce per month. My 68 year old mother who looks like a modern Mrs Claus heard the 2013 thing, and loudly wailed "But that's what I wanted for Christmas!" I told her we'll ask my aunts who they buy from and get some for her that way if she really wants it, she brightened right up.

Jack and Harlow are both awake during the huge dream plot at Invol, if anyone wants to come at me with anything please do. I have a couple ideas but not everything always pans out so the more the better?
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Update on the fortune cookies: I feel better about having a fortune cookie call me fat. Why? One, I've been at the gym three of the past five days. Two, I saved more fortunes to compile into a list for you, because I have been inspired to someday have a character whose occupation is to write fortunes, and have them be monumentally inept.
  • A confidential tip will clue you in to a great financial deal. Imagine the pyramid and ponzi schemes that people would fall into if they believed this. One of my former co-workers was always trying to sell Kangen Water Systems to EVERYONE he spoke to; those things are expennnnsive.
  • Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Whether or not it is, we can debate. What we cannot debate is that this is in no way a fortune.
  • A good deed makes you feel good. Again, not so much a fortune as a general life statement made by someone with poor vocabulary.
  • You might prosper in the field of medicine. And I might prosper in the field of deep ocean welding, too, but both seem a little unlikely? I appreciate the contrast between the specificity of the field and the uncertainty about the success, for everyone who is gravely afraid of needles or faints at the sight of blood.
  • If you've got it, flaunt it. No commentary needed, other than maybe to pair it with "Work on improving your exercise routine."
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World's rudest DirectTV man, at our house right now. He came two and a half hours before his scheduled time and is now crashing through the house, stomping around while practically running through the place, throwing open doors so hard they bang into walls, knocking shit over, tracking mud around, and drilling holes in the walls and floor, telling my mother "No, we don't guarantee any of our work, you should buy the insurance package, then you don't have to pay if we have to come out again." We had to take everything out of my closet (a hope chest and two big Rubbermaid tubs and all my clothes) and stack it by my bed so he can get to the crawl space under the house, and he's acting all put-out that it took ten minutes. This man is the definition of boorish.

Violet would be aghast right now. I need to possess Maggie Smith's face.


UTTERLY UNRELATED but not really worthy of posting twice in one afternoon - DTW people:
  • Would anyone happen to have the muse for a wife/mother of the Pureblood variety, somewhere in the 26-32 range, for a non-DE-still-Walpurgis newsman with the PB of Rupert Penry-Jones for your hubby and 2-3 daughters, with a son in a year or two?
  • Does anyone with a Pureblood family need a sister, 23-27?
  • So, I have all these ideas for Rosmerta, but no connections for her. I want her to be a Halfblood Hufflepuff ~31-ish, but I wouldn't mind a cousin or sibling, possibly a gentleman friend? War widow, no children; Order friendly though she tries to appear neutral to keep the Three Broomsticks friendly enough for anyone to frequent. Reads a lot, very kind/jovial/good-natured, absolutely spectacular bosoms.
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I have no voice. :( This may be gross, but, I got seasick on the ferry there - - does anyone know if you can lose your voice from throwing up? Does it cause permanent damage?

BUT, I have had a fun weekend with [insanejournal.com profile] chthonian who is darling and dear. We had oodles of fun, even when we were just being lazy in our super cute private room at the hostel, watching Parks & Rec and eating food. The weather was windy and rainy and generally ick, so we wound up seeing 50/50 and In Time, trying to stay indoors, etc.

Now I am home, and my mother has somehow fucked up my dad's brand new computer, and she's all "IIIIII don't know what happened!" I wish I could go back to Victoria. >.<
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My mom is flipping channels, and on that horrible children's beauty pageant show on TLC, I just saw a girl who was named - and it was spelled out in one of those title cards below her face in an interview segment, so this is truly how it was spelled - Saryniti. Pronounced Serenity.

What the fuck, people? Why are you so mean to your own prawjeni?
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Hooray New York! ♥
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I just killed spider #6, for today. Where are they all coming from? :(
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My dad often falls asleep in his recliner, and the cat is often wedged between his knees, napping too. My mom walked into the room, looked at them fondly, did that thing where you mime taking a photograph for your memory, and then turned around and started talking to me at full volume, shocking them both from their slumber. I haven't laughed like that in weeks.
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Lots of snow, at least a foot of snow!

Work closed early so that people could still get home before it got dark! The walk from the car to my door, the snow came up almost to my knees! I think technically it's even a blizzard because of the wind and rapid accumulation. On the less fun side, it's supposed to continue snowing for two days, I think the internet and power might go out. :(
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You know what you probably should not do on the same day as the first day of NaNo? Buy a DSi-XL on sale at Costco. Procrastination City, Population: Me.


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