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About Nell

  • Female, late 20s, Pacific Northwesterner.
  • I play mostly in HP fandom, but am looking to branch out. I'm not particularly interested in celeb, anime, or X-Men.
  • I would rather play thread style games than linked journals.
  • I make PB icons ([insanejournal.com profile] quibblercons), and generally prefer less glam, realistic, uncommon PBs. Also, foreheads and eyebrows are always more expressive than necklines and navels. Always.
  • I don't write anything that's >40% shippy unless it's a PSL.
  • I usually don't dig AU HP. Canon or very close to it for me, please.
  • I ♥ grammar and spelling; every time you use netspeak in a log, God kills a kitten.
  • Am currently looking for:
    • People that are interested in a Kings rpg.
    • People that are interested in a Night Circus rpg.
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Just saw this one on Jillian's old entry and thought it sounded like something I could accomplish, even though I don't think I can articulate the most common theme in my characters, unless you count Julie pointing out to me one day that I write men who have been incarcerated more than I should. ANYHOW.
  1. Pick a character of mine
  2. Pick a character of yours (connected to mine)
  3. Give me some circumstances, time-frame, a particular topic, etc.
  4. I will write a note or letter from my character to yours

Invol PSA

Jan. 20th, 2013 08:22 pm
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LOL, because her glasses are coming up more for some reason, I feel as though I ought to mention that as I started to transition to using glasses-free icons, Harlow's also been wearing her contacts more. Part to do with taking up boxing, part to do with gaining a little more self confidence. She does still wear them sometimes, they're not retired, but it's a mix of both, now.
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I'm not doing logstats because I know they're pathetically low. Instead, logs that I am looking forward to:

- Sol/Harlow: idk what, ideas Julie?
- Javier/Harlow: sorting out what happens now
- Omar/Harlow: not boxing rememberances
- Moa/Harlow: boxing, is this still on Karin?
- Allegra/Jack: abusing her powers/friendship some more or possibly intervention
- Ethan/Jack: abusing his powers/friendship
- Daisy/Jack/possibly Kier/Damien: some sort of recovery touchstone

Anything else?
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Everyone is now doing reunion logs. The two mine would be reuniting with are both dead. Oops? Anyone not busy?

Jack can have one visitor at a time starting sometime in the late night of the 4th, I believe? Then he's being moved back to IVI's hospital on the 5th, still with one visitor at a time. He's going to be a lot quieter than usual in the wake of this, sorry. :( Also, he has a new phone, no numbers, so things will confuse him, he may not reply until he gets who's who sorted. Once he's out of the hospital, he's going to be functioning very very poorly. More about this will be revealed later, probably, but I'll just say that though there are going to be some mental health issues for a while, I do intend for him to pull out of it and get to being functional, though maybe not his outgoing happy old self, before spring. Hopefully he won't be too horrible in the meantime.

Harlow will be mothering Nawal until she's better, at the safehouse. She will need to hug Edwin, she will want to look in on Javier and his gunshot, she is going to eat ice cream in the middle of the night with Lottie, try to get Alex to talk to her, attempt to teach Moa to hit things, and cry a lot over Mal in secret (sorry she will not be cheerful, Vi). Can I coerce any of you to do something short with me on one of these, maybe? Also open to other things for her to do.

Writing SO MUCH SO FAST and then having absolutely nothing on my plate feels strangely akin to pulling an RP Thelma and Louise, all by myself.
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Hi Invol friends (sorry everyone else who I spam at times of Invol plot). I have plenty of things to write with Jack, logs and narratives out my ears, but I could use some interaction for Harlow? She's going to be doing rescue ops in North America, so is there anyone who's in that safehouse who might like to do a short log, have a coffee, find her asleep or emotional, etc. Needn't be friends already per se, or acquaintances that bond during trauma, idk? Also, friends in other locations who are game for emails or texts or phone calls, etc? I have people I want to ask but I'm being skittish. I think I'll have to suck it up and send emails in the middle of the night or something.

Not RP related, I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season! All of mine was very chill. My cousin's wife has a brand new baby, her name is Vivienne. My friend who hired me to do stuff for her business lost her space and so the whole thing is on indefinite hold which is a bit frustrating but not nearly as much as it must be for her. I failed in my mission to not eat too many sweets over the holidays because my mom made a huge batch of delicious snickerdoodles and I couldn't pawn off as much of the almond roca I made as I meant to. I got a haircut I don't like and am debating cutting it myself.
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For [insanejournal.com profile] rainbowling, and [insanejournal.com profile] springsteens, and anyone else at [insanejournal.com profile] invol who is in a slump or just wants to play: Plot-N-Snap, Pt II!
  • Post a comment w/your character's name and their journal name (if it's not the one you're using to comment with, which you can do too).

  • Reply to people's comments to say nice things about them or solicit plot or whatevs you want to do.

  • Anon comments are screened so that you can also say/request things in private if you want, but please don't use this to be jerks because that is not what snaps are about.
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Alright, so the Dell that I got was just miserable. Windows wouldn't start correctly, the keyboard was showing wear after only three weeks, it wouldn't let me install Illustrator. Totally unacceptable, basically, so I am making use of Costco's 90 day return policy, and I am now going to try out an Acer Aspire V5 Touch, which is one of the new touchscreen ultrabooks with Windows 8. We shall see!

I love Washington, because I can now marry ladies or smoke weed. It's going to take until December 2013 to get dealers licensed and shops set up and taxation established, but once the full ballot is certified by the governor (they're guessing 6 December) it will be legal for anyone over the age of 21 to purchase/own/use up to one ounce per month. My 68 year old mother who looks like a modern Mrs Claus heard the 2013 thing, and loudly wailed "But that's what I wanted for Christmas!" I told her we'll ask my aunts who they buy from and get some for her that way if she really wants it, she brightened right up.

Jack and Harlow are both awake during the huge dream plot at Invol, if anyone wants to come at me with anything please do. I have a couple ideas but not everything always pans out so the more the better?
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I have the weirdest taste in celebrity crushes, but maaaaan Richard Engel talking foreign policy really does it for me.

Q: Should I post to [insanejournal.com profile] treatyoselves to get help deciding what to keep from my Boden order, or just once I decide what part of the haul will be staying with me? Happy news: The size 8 beautiful emerald green boucle skirt was markedly too large! My ass is now a size 6! Victory is mine! Sad news: Boden doesn't have this color in size 6 anymore, so my options are to keep this one and tailor it, get a 6 in boring black or navy to see if it fits, or bid it farewell.

I have a lot of invol feels right now, but whenever I try to put them down on metaphorical internet paper I wind up typing a big paragraph and then going "No, that's not right," and deleting it.
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Give me a character of yours and a character of mine and I’ll (do my best to) tell you about one time they kiss.
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Because I know everyone is curious (not really, but some of you were helpful in my hour of need this afternoon, and also because this is going to have to count as all of my treats in [insanejournal.com profile] treatyoselves from now until the end of time, seriously, I cannot allow myself to buy ANYTHING that isn't food/student loan payment related), I got a Dell. I have no clue what model it is, don't care, and I don't like it at all, but I'm going to keep it for long enough to do more research on other computers, and then return it to Costco, who has a no-questions-asked 100% money back 90-day return policy. Basically it's just a temporary bandaid of a computer.

EDIT: ALSO! I missed the lake party business but added Jack in retroactively. He has candy for friends and nakedness for fellow skinny dippers and pleasant conversation for all!
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Why do I not like a single fucking laptop being sold right now? Seriously, I've been to three stores, I've searched online, I don't like anything I've seen. I just want a power cord on the side of the computer rather than in the middle of the back, a mouse track pad that will respond to my thumb so that I don't have to take my fingers off home row to select anything, and an Intel processor.

Does anyone have a laptop that they love? I've always had Dells, and I've never used a HP that didn't have this problem with the tracking pad; if I change the sensitivity options on my mom's then it jumps around selecting things willy nilly.

This is so frustrating I legitimately think I might cry. I just want a new computer, why is it this hard?
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My computer is dead. :| I cannot elaborate because all the feels are trying to get out at once.
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Dea and I were talking about how we wanted to fangirl a few people at [insanejournal.com profile] invol and everyone always talks about feeling self conscious there or wanting more connections, so, here is a twist on a snaps cup, specific to the game.
  1. Post a comment w/your character's name and their journal name (if it's not the one you're using to comment with, which you can do too).
  2. Reply to people's comments to say nice things about them or solicit plot or whatevs you want to do.
  3. Anon comments are screened so that you can also say/request things in private if you want, but please don't use this to be jerks because that is not what snaps are about.
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Jack Fuller )

Okay now you can ask questions about them or their lives before school or whatever that meme is, if you actually want to though I'm not totally sure what the appeal is since I don't think mine are interesting enough for that, personally. Better yet, tell me if you have outlandish ideas for future plot, the kind that you secretly want to do, but you feel weird saying so. Or am I the only person who does that? >.>
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Harlow Hart )

I was going to do Jack too, but it's 5 am and even though I'm not tired, I wish I was so I'm going to go to bed. Just think of it like a cliffhanger, for part two?
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Men are Race Walking in front of Buckingham Palace on my television right now.

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When you're creating a character/writing an app/starting a game, do you consider how they might grow over the course of the game? Not necessarily pre-plotting, or establishing relationships in advance, but maybe more like, establishing where they are in their life at the start, and how they'll grow if things go a certain way? There's no way to control the other characters, so obviously this can change as things happen, but I'm curious - do you apply the idea of a character arc to roleplay, or do you make a character to have fun with and then wing it? Sometimes one or the other? A mix of both?


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