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Selfish pimping for [insanejournal.com profile] thereaped, which is Hunger Games fandom, 72nd games:
  • District 11: Seeder (age 57-63) - This is my unselfish one. You'd get to play with [insanejournal.com profile] chthonian, who's friggin' awesome. PB suggestions include Lorraine Bracco, Mimi Kuzyk, Hiam Abbass, Catherine Keener, Mira Furlan, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Sela Ward, L. Scott Caldwell, Juliette Binoche, Julianna Margulies, Sarita Choudhury, Ellen Greene, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Stockard Channing.
  • District 8: Female Victor-Non-Mentor (age 64-70) - I have the current D8 female mentor, Cecelia Spinner, but she's only been doing it for about eleven years now (give or take a year or two). This lady would be her mentor, and a friend to her and Woof. PB Suggestions include Shirley MacLaine, Julie Andrews, Sally Field, Julie Walters, Jessica Lange, Lena Olin, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Kathryn Joosten, Glenn Close, Gena Rolands, Penelope Wilton, Celia Imrie, Kathy Bates, Annette Crosbie.
  • District 8: 2nd Stylist - Anyone! :D
  • District 5: Escort - Male/Female, any age! This is maybe my biggest want actually. Your tributes are a nearly catatonic very quiet 15 year old girl and a deaf 16 year old boy, so... winning odds are low, but c'mon, we want someone to be our capitol guide!
  • Random Stylist Concept - Jim Broadbent from Moulin Rouge; worked his way up to the top, but has since slid partway back down the ladder.

DTW... like Ronnie and a couple others I'm feeling like I'm in a bit of a slump. It's not an unhappy one so much as inactive because Grace and Rosmerta are both outside of the spectrum of the Order/DE/DMLE trifecta where most of the big plots happen; so they're just living their lives as usual. If anyone who's there wants to befriend a barmaid or an unrepentant yet non-violent purist, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. ♥
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Most of the people who oblige my greedy wants already have all the characters they can at DTW, but just. in. case.

I remain really bummed out that Grace stands alone in her family. She has a father, mother, older (married with baby/babies) sister, older brother (has a very pretty, very smart girlfriend already cast though the player seems flexible), and fraternal twin sister, and several options for possible cousins. Slightly better connected family-wise because she has two dear cousins, Rosmerta also has an older sister and older brother who could maybe be played. Family always seems the impossible get in a game unless it's a big family like the Doges or McKinnons or Warwicks, but on the off chance that this works, I will offer so much love you won't know what to do with it and make icons and whatever else you want. Bribery, ftw?

Also, random fact: I simply can't make it the whole way through Toy Story 3 without tearing up.
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E'ryone on my flist who likes ASOIAF: Check out [insanejournal.com profile] westcorpmods. It's an AU, set primarily in modern-day NYC (though the various locations from the book are spread out around the world), and taking place after the death of Mad King Aerys. Since people may say oh lord, everyone's taken - no, if everyone was taken, it would be ten times the size of DTW. But seriously, there's good characters left to be held, people. I held Brienne, and I'd love to see a Meribald or a Vargo Hoat or Hyle Hunt. Rena is going to need a Bronn and a Penny and a Jorah. Honestly, there's tons of people left!
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If I was thinking about holding Minerva, would anyone be interested in her gentleman friend, Elphinstone Urquhart?


Despite the million comments, I still want THIS. Minerva would hit it, jsyk.
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World's rudest DirectTV man, at our house right now. He came two and a half hours before his scheduled time and is now crashing through the house, stomping around while practically running through the place, throwing open doors so hard they bang into walls, knocking shit over, tracking mud around, and drilling holes in the walls and floor, telling my mother "No, we don't guarantee any of our work, you should buy the insurance package, then you don't have to pay if we have to come out again." We had to take everything out of my closet (a hope chest and two big Rubbermaid tubs and all my clothes) and stack it by my bed so he can get to the crawl space under the house, and he's acting all put-out that it took ten minutes. This man is the definition of boorish.

Violet would be aghast right now. I need to possess Maggie Smith's face.


UTTERLY UNRELATED but not really worthy of posting twice in one afternoon - DTW people:
  • Would anyone happen to have the muse for a wife/mother of the Pureblood variety, somewhere in the 26-32 range, for a non-DE-still-Walpurgis newsman with the PB of Rupert Penry-Jones for your hubby and 2-3 daughters, with a son in a year or two?
  • Does anyone with a Pureblood family need a sister, 23-27?
  • So, I have all these ideas for Rosmerta, but no connections for her. I want her to be a Halfblood Hufflepuff ~31-ish, but I wouldn't mind a cousin or sibling, possibly a gentleman friend? War widow, no children; Order friendly though she tries to appear neutral to keep the Three Broomsticks friendly enough for anyone to frequent. Reads a lot, very kind/jovial/good-natured, absolutely spectacular bosoms.
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Hey friends, who wants to play a Draco Malfoy in 2010?

I need him to have been a Death Eater, and I'd love him to be his usual over-achieving douchebag, Granger-hating self rather than a ~*~*MISUNDERSTOOD*~*~ fellow who's been reformed and now fosters homeless kittens because he just wants to be loved by everyone. :| We have the whole Trio, and Pansy and Blaise and Goyle and lots and lots of other Slytherins and one other fellow Death Eater who's been paroled (Terence Higgs, played by me, hence the want). For more info see: [insanejournal.com profile] salemmods!
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Is it bad that upon noticing that NS has a (yet uncast) lady centaur working at the Ministry, I immediately thought, "THIS MUST HAPPEN!"?
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I'm blocked. I'm blocked and indecisive. I'm blocked, indecisive, and contemplating just scrapping everything I have for New Salem.

What do people need? Because as it is now I'm just not able to click any of my ideas into place, and I could maybe use some new ones.

Game Pimp!

Dec. 13th, 2010 01:03 am
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Alright folks, it is time for my once yearly game pimp. I know several new games have just opened this month, but I feel like this one is definitely worth checking out if you like Harry Potter rp. It's a classic, old school, completely canon game that centers around the last few months of Deathly Hallows which is an interesting time for all the characters in the series. Feel free to ask questions or offer some feedback!

This is a perilous time for every witch and wizard, no matter whether they have already chosen a loyalty or resist getting any more involved than they absolutely must. As the Centaurs read in the fires and stars, the time between two wars ended many months ago, and now as the winter holidays draw to a close and lies are spoken just as often and as acceptably as truth, witches and wizards across Britain and beyond will find their character tested as they face the troubles of outright war.

The moderators are seeking players eager to write collaboratively with one another, who want a highly active yet short-term game where they can richly bring a character or two fully to life during some of their most defining moments. Could this be you?

premisecharactersrules & faqapplicationcastcalendar

Game opens with ten players.

Also, meme! Pick one or more of my characters and one or more of yours, and I'll tell you something they've always wanted to say to your character but could never bring themselves to say out loud.


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