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Anyone who has Pottermore: Do any of you know what the 1531, 4157 counter is, up in Harry's closet bedroom in chapter 2? I keep thinking it's some sort of easter egg, a la dialing 'MAGIC' into the cell phone on Jo's website, but IDK where to use it. I have this suspicion that it's something to do with the last locked charm.

Anyone who doesn't have Pottermore - my extra one that I registered by accident is now activated. Who needs it?

Nevermind my bullet list of things they should tweak, for if they ever do ask for more feedback than the silly beta tester form.
  • Duels & Potions obviously need some fixing
  • When practicing spells for dueling, there should be a "Keep Practicing" button, alongside the "Return to Dueling" one, so that it takes us back to our textbooks instead of to dueling.
  • The site lacks daily visit appeal; once you've gone through the book and brewed a couple potions, there's not much to do. Incorporate some sort of once-daily task to earn knuts/sickles, which can be used to buy more potion ingredients/wizarding supplies, which would in turn increase possible house points.
  • Everyone and their mom wants optional sound.
  • Purchasable Chocolate Frogs! Make collecting and trading a bigger thing in game.
  • Gobstones? Chess?
  • Readable pages in books?
  • Cauldrons don't actually change the amount of time a potion takes to brew, despite being labeled 'slow' and 'fast'.
  • If you own more than one cauldron, you should be able to brew more than one potion.
  • Even when you check 'remember me,' it doesn't.
  • I can't go re-collect potion ingredients.
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Here's a cheatsheet for collectibles in pmore, if anyone can't figure out where to find/buy an item/book/ingredient/card that someone else has. Also, as it stands now, if you gift a collectible item to a friend, you can go back and re-find the item for your trunk, you just won't be earning house points for finding it! Share the love! :D


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