Sep. 30th, 2012

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Why do I not like a single fucking laptop being sold right now? Seriously, I've been to three stores, I've searched online, I don't like anything I've seen. I just want a power cord on the side of the computer rather than in the middle of the back, a mouse track pad that will respond to my thumb so that I don't have to take my fingers off home row to select anything, and an Intel processor.

Does anyone have a laptop that they love? I've always had Dells, and I've never used a HP that didn't have this problem with the tracking pad; if I change the sensitivity options on my mom's then it jumps around selecting things willy nilly.

This is so frustrating I legitimately think I might cry. I just want a new computer, why is it this hard?
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Because I know everyone is curious (not really, but some of you were helpful in my hour of need this afternoon, and also because this is going to have to count as all of my treats in [ profile] treatyoselves from now until the end of time, seriously, I cannot allow myself to buy ANYTHING that isn't food/student loan payment related), I got a Dell. I have no clue what model it is, don't care, and I don't like it at all, but I'm going to keep it for long enough to do more research on other computers, and then return it to Costco, who has a no-questions-asked 100% money back 90-day return policy. Basically it's just a temporary bandaid of a computer.

EDIT: ALSO! I missed the lake party business but added Jack in retroactively. He has candy for friends and nakedness for fellow skinny dippers and pleasant conversation for all!


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