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Jack could always do these things, they're old news:
  • Beatbox like whoah, mimic a lot of singers' voices, MGM lion roar, select actors' voices, general tomfoolery.
Jack can now:
  • Mimic a wide range of musical instruments, animals, and other sounds, back up and lead singers, which basically means he can open his mouth and sound pretty much like he swallowed an iPod. He is also getting pretty good at doing voices very accurately. He is not 100% fooling voice recognition software every single time, but he can do it sometimes.
Jack is working on:
  • Psychology. His personal training time is now spent alternating between reading texts and talking to IVI counselors about human behavior; primarily things given away in the voice but also what sorts of things trigger stress or upset, how to psychologically profile someone so that he can hold a convincing phone call as someone else, someone he doesn't know well.
In the future I want Jack to:
  • Grow up a little bit. He's been alternating between playing around and wanting to be an activist and holing up in his room to get high and push off any feelings of responsibility. There is already some level of impetus for this to happen, but just as a heads up for people who play with him that he's probably going to start to be a little more serious. I think a semester later than I meant to, he's going to start doing something in terms of radio; probably more like uploading podcasts/running a youtube channel, rather than just playing music for students.

Harlow could always do these things, they're old news:
  • Make her body intangible! Often in times of stress/emotional upheaval, usually involuntarily.
Harlow can now:
  • Make herself shift at will, shift back to having a normal body faster, usually prevent herself from shifting when she needs to not shift. Accidents happen more now when her body senses danger (adrenaline rush, irregular heartbeat, massive amounts of fear, etc.). All the time she is much better at keeping her clothing with her, and has begun to take other things with her. This is primarily limited to small objects or simple objects, but before break she was asked to take plants with her, and none of them have died yet. Also, just before leaving, she managed to start extending her powers to objects, post shift.
Harlow is working on:
  • Larger objects, post-transition objects, living beings. Eventually she's meant to be the sort of vol who would be valuable to kidnappers or the like, and pretty badass.
In the future I want Harlow to:
  • Discover Sol's effect on her, must talk to Julie about this. Continue on with fighting that Mal taught her, possibly get a new teacher, settle her issues with her ex. Unrealistically I wish there was a guy that would be a good match for her, but I think it's not likely and I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable trying to sell them on a ship. I remain undecided on if she is going to be able to take a human/vol with her by the end of the game or not, and will decide later whatever fits best with plots.
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