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SEX He likes it.

Um, yeah, so his powers really have no benefits or disadvantages unless someone wants sex with him to be like, omg noteworthy, in which case the best thing I can think of is that maybe his noises start to sound similar to his partner? That's me reaching and it's pretty lame. So, I don't think sex with Jack is Vol-special or anything, but if anyone who likes boys has perused my browser-killing post of gifs and images, you understand that it's still pretty worth it just for the view.

LAJWFKWJF;OAWIFJWA; IJ JUST ATE MY THREE PARAGRAPHS OF OTHER INFO. :| Here is Cliffs Notes. Jack comes from a fairly conservative family (his maternal grandfather was a Baptist minister before retiring) so he's used to considering his sex life to be a pretty private thing. It isn't that he's had a lot to hide per se, but the sex he has had isn't something he's going to make public knowledge. For the sake of teal deer, he lost his virginity to his then-girlfriend while on a co-ed camping trip his junior year of high school, and has since had two other girlfriends who've been at that level, one friend at Reed who he refuses to call a fuckbuddy because he feels it diminishes both the friendship and the fucking, and a one night stand that soured him on the idea given that she called him Jake, repeatedly. He's healthy and responsible, this is not a guy who's going to complain about safe sex, but even so he's bit the bullet and gotten tested twice (nothing, tyvm). He was raised with people telling him that sex is something special that's meant for people who are in love, and while he hasn't held to that 100%, he respects people's personal values, especially women he dates, and wouldn't care to date anyone who couldn't also respect his. He isn't cavalier and he isn't afraid he'll be going to hell, it's the grey area between the two.

DATING Providence may be a better person to seek an answer from on this question, but Jack likes dating, mostly because he likes doing fun stuff. He tries to remember that everyone is someone's daughter, and that if he someday has a daughter he would want her treated with respect, that he expects his sister to be loved as she deserves, etc. In short though, he just likes women. He thinks they're funny and sexy and clever and strange. He tends to find weirder things to be most endearing (his favorite little thing about Providence so far is that if he tickles her too much or surprises her somehow, sometimes a splatter of paint or blotch of ink or whatnot suddenly appears on a wall or a book or him). Jack likes fun, and though he's capable of having serious conversations, serious moments, serious dates, these things usually correspond with a somewhat more serious level of relationship. Not to diminish the fondness he's had for women he's dated in the past, but a Great Love has yet to feature in his life, and as such he's never experienced serious heartbreak when things ended. He's been sad, listened to mopey music, and then moved on with his life shortly thereafter, and has no lingering 'what ifs' in his dating history.

LTR Here's the truth: Jack's twenty, and he's not looking for The One right now, even if he is craving the feeling of having someone really truly see him for all of who he is - or maybe that's just something society conditions you for that never really happens? He's had 'relationships' but they last in terms of months rather than years usually, and his flirtatious nature has taken the blame for more than one of his breakups. It's unfounded in that Jack has never cheated on someone who he's considered himself to be exclusively dating, but yes, he does flirt, he probably will dance with another girl in a less than completely appropriate manner, and he once gave a girl his drink at a party. It's in his nature to be social and outgoing, and any women who would be jealous of him putting his arm around another girl or taking photos with them, etc. - you should probably not date Jack. The good side of this equation is that he does have a clear line in his mind of inappropriate behavior, even if it's not exactly the same as insecure girlfriends, and he won't be kissing or feeling up or having sex with other women, he won't be putting himself in alone-time situations he would be embarrassed to tell his girlfriend about, he generally keeps in mind that he has a woman he is happy with and does not need another.

He's a kind guy, a thoughtful guy, and wants to eventually do Good Things with his life, and imagines that it will probably feature a Good Woman at some point or another, even if she's so vague atm that he probably couldn't spot her for what she was if they were the only two people in a room. When he grows up more, gets past his student years, cuts back on weed, cuts back on going to clubs with stupidly loud music, Jack will be the guy you want to take home and show off to your mom. IVI is very likely to bring about a more serious Jack, so to some degree this is uncharted waters for him. I can see him being serious about Providence even though he's presently trying to play it like it's not, but I don't think he'll be making that leap without some indication that she is too.

Okay now you can ask questions about them or their lives before school or whatever that meme is, if you actually want to though I'm not totally sure what the appeal is since I don't think mine are interesting enough for that, personally. Better yet, tell me if you have outlandish ideas for future plot, the kind that you secretly want to do, but you feel weird saying so. Or am I the only person who does that? >.>
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