Jan. 3rd, 2013

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Everyone is now doing reunion logs. The two mine would be reuniting with are both dead. Oops? Anyone not busy?

Jack can have one visitor at a time starting sometime in the late night of the 4th, I believe? Then he's being moved back to IVI's hospital on the 5th, still with one visitor at a time. He's going to be a lot quieter than usual in the wake of this, sorry. :( Also, he has a new phone, no numbers, so things will confuse him, he may not reply until he gets who's who sorted. Once he's out of the hospital, he's going to be functioning very very poorly. More about this will be revealed later, probably, but I'll just say that though there are going to be some mental health issues for a while, I do intend for him to pull out of it and get to being functional, though maybe not his outgoing happy old self, before spring. Hopefully he won't be too horrible in the meantime.

Harlow will be mothering Nawal until she's better, at the safehouse. She will need to hug Edwin, she will want to look in on Javier and his gunshot, she is going to eat ice cream in the middle of the night with Lottie, try to get Alex to talk to her, attempt to teach Moa to hit things, and cry a lot over Mal in secret (sorry she will not be cheerful, Vi). Can I coerce any of you to do something short with me on one of these, maybe? Also open to other things for her to do.

Writing SO MUCH SO FAST and then having absolutely nothing on my plate feels strangely akin to pulling an RP Thelma and Louise, all by myself.


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