Dec. 27th, 2012

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Hi Invol friends (sorry everyone else who I spam at times of Invol plot). I have plenty of things to write with Jack, logs and narratives out my ears, but I could use some interaction for Harlow? She's going to be doing rescue ops in North America, so is there anyone who's in that safehouse who might like to do a short log, have a coffee, find her asleep or emotional, etc. Needn't be friends already per se, or acquaintances that bond during trauma, idk? Also, friends in other locations who are game for emails or texts or phone calls, etc? I have people I want to ask but I'm being skittish. I think I'll have to suck it up and send emails in the middle of the night or something.

Not RP related, I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season! All of mine was very chill. My cousin's wife has a brand new baby, her name is Vivienne. My friend who hired me to do stuff for her business lost her space and so the whole thing is on indefinite hold which is a bit frustrating but not nearly as much as it must be for her. I failed in my mission to not eat too many sweets over the holidays because my mom made a huge batch of delicious snickerdoodles and I couldn't pawn off as much of the almond roca I made as I meant to. I got a haircut I don't like and am debating cutting it myself.


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